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With 18 years straight in the field personally of Building mostly Replacement necks and over 65,000 necks passing through for the complete and different stages of construction and seeing my personally built necks in the hands of many Rock Star Superstars around the world…. What  better way to experience a Parklane Neck than on a Full Parklane Build with all of the Highest Quality Components and Workmanship we offer to you. Only Guitar Players of the Highest order work for Us here at Parklane Guitars! We expect the best from our workshop and nothing less!  We have a new dept set aside for the making of the Parklane Builds, so save yourself the hassle of figuring out which wood and hardware sound and work the best and leave it to us to use our combined experience to match the components and use our tricks of the trade (and we have some that people would laugh at but….)  to build our breathtaking looking and sounding instruments for you.. 

     Steve Parklane Guitars


Add a touch of sophistication to your guitar build with our Blind Fret Option. This feature removes the visual of the fret tangs along the side of the neck, creating a smooth, uninterrupted feel. It’s an amazing way to achieve a cleaner, more elegant look on your Parklane Custom Neck. Order it now and take your guitar to the next level.

Blind Fret Option‏

Quartersawn Roasted (Torrefied) 4A Flame Maple with Parklane Dark Oil Finish

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