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  • What sets Parklane Guitars apart from other guitar manufacturers?
    Parklane Guitars stands out for its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, using only the finest quality materials to create instruments with unparalleled tone, playability, and aesthetic appeal. Our dedication to creating unique, handcrafted guitars sets us apart from mass-produced alternatives. Each instrument is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that every Parklane Guitar is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. In addition, our guitars are designed with the player in mind, offering a range of custom options to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you're a professional musician or an avid enthusiast, a Parklane Guitar is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence in the art of guitar making.
  • How do we constuct your dream Guitar or Custom Neck?
    Parklane Guitars very first guitars and necks between 2016 and 2019 were all completely hand built ...It is always a good idea to begin life in this business being able to manufacture the parts completely by hand in all aspects. This enables you to be able to manually problem solve any problem you may face.. I also was luckily enough to work alongside a very knowledgeable individual (since passed Rip Cj Jenkins of the Faith or Fear band from Millville NJ). I learned a great deal from this guy in regard to setting up guitars and the building of. Some of the workshop guys thought he was a little out there.. I did not and learned a lot of trade secrets that are implemented at Parklane Guitars today. Cj's Legacy lives on every day at Parklane Guitars. As time has evolved for us here we now use the aid of a CNC for certain functions but we are still keeping 50% of the workload or greater made and shaped using our hands with our feel from being guitar players. Reviews suggest the customers can feel this also. We have also been asked to make customers necks without the use of CNC and we have also complied to that request.. Our handmade necks look / feel the same as using automation! Automation simply helps us stay ahead of the game...
  • How do our necks and guitars sound and play?
    This subject is kind of subjective to the style of music you are influenced by and are playing but here are a couple of links for your consideration . We only use the highest of grade materials for our Necks / Bodies / Guitars including hardware. All of our guitars are fitted with Dimarzio Pickups as we feel for us these are the best in their class for "our" builds..
  • History and Experience Level of Parklane Guitars
    Parklane Guitars is a company that made their first guitar neck under the FB page Guitars by Steve Parker in 2016 Steve was the Sole Fret man of a very well known Licensed Custom Shop on the East Coast with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Guitar Necks passing through his hands between 2007 - March 2020. He held on within that company for as long as possible so as to uphold his dedication to them but finally had to break free in March of 2020. Not only did Steve Fret the Necks but also played a big part in the R n D when it came to the building of full guitars / Set Neck Guitars / Design and a slew of other important roles. He also shaped a huge amount of the necks and bodies working overtime almost the whole time of employment to keep the wheels turning... Eventually though the wheels got turning very fast at Parklane and Steve had to finally break free... Steve has now been working in the Business of building Guitars and Custom Guitar necks for more than of 16 solid years professionally and has been a player for more than 35 years, This makes for a great combination of experience in both Building and knowing what feels great from a players perspective..
  • Does Parklane Guitars accept customer's own wood for their builds?
    Unfortunately our Business Model is unable to allow for this , So we have to decline these requests we are sorry to say.
  • Is the Parklane Guitars workshop open to the public?
    Unfortunately with the amount of workload we have here at Parklane the workshop is no longer open to the public unless Invited by us..
  • Do we cater to Left Handed Players?
    The answer is Yes We Do! All of the Custom Options can be chosen as Left handed simply by first choosing the Left Handed Orientation in the Menu... This allows all of the same options for the Left Players as the Right Players...You can also choose a Left Hand Reverse by selecting Left Hand Reverse! The Options here are endless.....
  • What payments do we accept?
    We have a variety of payment methods we currently currently Accept... Paypal, Paypal 4 Pay, Debit and Credit Card, Affirm Payment Plans (Up to 12 Payments if eligible), Apple Pay.
  • What Scale Lengths do we offer?
    Currently we offer Standard 25.5" Scale , Short scale Conversion 24.75", 24" , Baritone 28.675", All of which can be built with any configuration selected. We would contact you if you do however make a selection that could be a little troublesome but generally we can make anything happen here at Parklane....
  • Is Stainless Steel Frets better than Nickel Silver and Evo Gold?
    Stainless Steel is a much harder material than Nickel Silver, Evo Gold falls into a category of hardness between the two... You would do very well to wear out Stainless Steel even if you are a every day player eliminating the issue of expensive Re-Fret Jobs, whereas Nickel silver will eventually wear down, Stainless Steel has much more defined and snappier tone (In our opinion) and feels more slick under the strings as the Nickel Silver and Evo Gold , Nickel Silver is considered the Industry Standard...
  • What is the Blind Fret Option?
    The Blind Fret Option eliminates the Fret Tang from showing from the side of the neck. Most times when companies offer this arrangement they slot right through the fingerboard and fill the sides which is usually very visible. Our arrangement is such that the slot doesn't get cut right through and gives a most professional look to your neck, coupled with our fret end filing makes a very smooth feeling guitar neck in your hands..
  • What Nut Width should i choose?
    The Nut Width selection is generally user preference however we have found that for S Styled Guitar necks our customers generally order either 1" 5/8 (1.625) or 1.650 We offer sizes ranging from 1"5/8 all the way up to 1.8" Super Wide catering for all kinds of players and hand sizes..
  • What Truss Rod should i choose?
    This is a question we are asked a lot... The industry Standard has become Dual Acting at the Headstock or Heel...This enables you to adjust the truss rod either direction, At the headstock position would be a definite advantage for "on the fly" adjustments should you need to make one right before a show, Anything heel related would usually mean the removal or loosening of the neck before an adjustment can be made.. However...We at Parklane guitars have discovered over the years that if you are in search of a neck that oozes more tone then the Vintage Style Single Acting Truss Rod is for you, This Truss Rod will only adjust the neck one way into a back bow position which will need to be balanced between Truss Rod Force applied and the String Pull on the neck after set up, To help ease of setting up with a Single Acting heel Rod we also have a Bullet Headstock Version which enables you to adjust at the headstock, The single acting Truss Rod will also eliminate 1/2lb from your total neck weight so that may also come into play with your deciding on which Rod is for you. The Wheel Truss Rod at the Heel is becoming ever more popular in recent years, Adjustment can be made from above using the supplied bar or an allen wrench if you forget to put the bar in your gig bag.
  • What Heel Size is for my Guitar?
    The Standard Heel Size for most Guitars is 2"3/16 , Some Manufacturers out there cose to use 2"1/4 but its rare unless you own a Charvel Model. We would recommend having a measure to confirm before ordering, but generally 2"3/16 is the most popular choice...
  • What Back Profile should i choose?
    Back Profiles are very specific to the players hands and style, Most guitarists know what they are playing on their guitar but in case you do not the Medium C .830 - .920 (measured from the 1st Fret and the 12th Fret) is our most popular choice ... We offer a variety of different profiles and if you need something specific you can add the dimensions (measured from the 1st Fret and the 12th Fret) into the custom profile option at $0 upcharge or feel free to call us to discuss further..
  • Should I select Mounting Holes?
    If your Parklane Guitars Neck is to be fitted to a actual Fender or Licensed guitar body you can feel very safe about selecting this option. There are a lot of aftermarket bodies in the world for sale in more recent years and we would say it might be best to avoid this option if you are in doubt about body hole locations...
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Located Vineland New Jersey
Made In The USA

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