Parklane Guitars was Born from many years of myself working for a well known guitar parts manufacturing company on the East Coast of the USA  location Vineland New Jersey .  I was asked by a friend one afternoon if i could build him a Guitar Neck personally and i agreed ,  This led to 2 Guitar Necks and before i Knew it word was spreading fast.  The workload became such that eventually after 13 years and Thousands upon Thousands of Fretted Necks  i was forced to leave them in March of 2020 and venture into this new world of building custom necks and guitars for myself as the company named  "Parklane Guitars" . We are very lucky to now have a significant amount of repeat customers and are always taking on new customers too.  We have taken the experience gained from 13 years as a full time luthier professional  and the years before since i first picked up a guitar to mod in 1995 and channeled it into some very new systems to ensure we always send out the best of quality from our workshop here in Vineland New Jersey, We know you will agree.  Thank you for stopping by to visit us here and we  hope to be adding you into our book of customers too.  
                                  Steve Parker

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Located Vineland New Jersey
Made In The USA